Loss of sensation, incontinence, changes in sexual satisfaction and rectal prolapse are all common symptoms of vaginal laxity. This is a relatively common condition that is often the result of childbirth, age, trauma and even changes in body weight. Women are reluctant to address their concerns with their doctor out of embarrassment or fear there is no treatment available that can restore comfort and reduce symptoms affecting your quality of life.

The Innovative Cosmetic Surgery Center offers solutions for vaginal relaxation that can give you back the confidence and sexual pleasure you are missing. Dr. Malan is an internationally recognized cosmetic surgeon, offering the highest standard of consultative care for concerns related to vaginal laxity. Our medical facility serving the Phoenix area provides state of the art care in a warm, welcoming environment. Dr. Malan offers confidential consultations where you can discuss your personal concerns, goals and medical history. We offer laser and designer vaginal rejuvenation procedures to improve both overall physical health and your sense of confidence that may have been affected by urinary incontinence, changes in the appearance of the labia or discomfort when wearing tight clothing.

LVR® In Phoenix

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that can address relaxed vaginal muscles. Performed on an outpatient basis in our office, LVR can tighten vaginal tissues and restore your ability to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse, control the flow of urine and feel more comfortable in your attire. The LVR procedure takes approximately one hour and causes minimal side effects when compared to traditional surgical options such as the placement of bladder mesh. Patients can typically resume normal daily activities in 72 hours and normal sexual relations after 8 weeks of healing. Improved muscle tone will also support better pelvic floor health as you age.

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To learn more about the LVR procedure and how it could address your unique concerns, schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Malan in our Phoenix area medical office. We welcome patients from many local areas as well as around the globe. We offer video consults for out of town patients and can work with you to coordinate travel for your procedure. Contact us at (480) 998-7999 or request a consultation online.


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