For patients seeking an alternative to buttock implants, Dr. Todd Malan offers a natural solution with the Brazilian Butt Lift. Using your own harvested fat cells and advanced techniques for enhancing results, Dr. Malan can help you to achieve the look you desire with personalized, consultative care in our Phoenix area medical office.

The Brazilian Butt Lift can provide a more shapely, rounded buttock that restores lost volume or enhances your natural contour. Dr. Malan will work with you to determine the best way to meet your cosmetic goals for results that will complement your overall shape and appearance. His years of training and experience provide an eye for the aesthetic, achieving a result that is natural looking.

Patients will typically see results emerge over the course of several months as tissues heal and initial internal swelling recedes. For enhanced results, Dr. Malan offers the opportunity to infuse the fat transfer with your own adult adipose cells. It will improve internal healing and promote the growth of healthy cells and tissue in treated areas for a more sustainable result.*

*Results may vary

Brazilian Butt Lift: About the Procedure

A minimally invasive procedure, the Brazilian Butt Lift is performed using a local anesthetic in the comfort of our state of the art medical facility in Scottsdale.

Dr. Malan will use advanced laser liposuction to remove fat from designated areas. The fat cells will be processed for purity and quality cells chosen for reinjection into the buttock. Dr. Malan will carefully sculpt the injected suspension for comfort and aesthetics.

Full recovery takes place in the following weeks, and up to several months as initial swelling slowly diminishes and your new body contour develops. We recommend that patients resume light cardio activity within a few days and strive to maintain their current weight. Sudden weight changes, especially rapid weight loss through dieting, can often have a detrimental effect on the end result of your procedure.

Dr. Malan will provide detailed information on how best to care for yourself as your body heals and offers massage therapy using ultrasound in our Phoenix area cosmetic medical facility to promote healing.


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