A leading cosmetic physician in fat transfer and body sculpting, Dr. Todd Malan offers the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure in his Scottsdale, AZ medical practice for patients seeking to lift, shape and restore volume to the buttocks for a more youthful appearance.

Brazilian Butt Lift Scottsdale AZThe Brazilian Butt Lift is an all-natural way to enhance and create a shapelier buttock. This procedure can enhance the overall shape of the butt, restore lost volume, correct a flat butt or pancake butt, and accentuate the curvy hourglass figure. The Brazilian Butt Lift is an excellent option compared to traditional implants, which are often riddled with problems of shifting.

Brazilian Butt Lift uses your fat. Then they are then extracted from a small sample of your fat and concentrated into the remaining washed and processed fat. This method supercharges the fat to assist in creating a new blood supply and thus improved fat retention. Patients have also reported improved skin tone and texture and reduced healing time. Full results from your procedure can typically be seen around six months.*

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*Disclaimer: results may vary


The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is performed using advanced liposuction technology that gently removes the fat present within the fat without damaging them. The fat is then meticulously washed to remove any excess lipids/oils and tumescent solution. The quality of the fat is thoroughly evaluated and only the best is selected for reinjection. The reinjection process is as meticulous as the harvest and selection process to ensure optimal results.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is more than just moving fat from one place to another. It is an artistic process that oftentimes requires the sculpting of the areas surrounding the buttock. Dr. Todd Malan sculpts and blends the areas and then uses a laser as a finishing tool to tighten the skin and stimulate new collagen.

Frequently, patients will desire to sculpt the outer thighs or saddlebags, the area below the buttock or banana roll, and inner thighs. If a patient desires a more athletic appearance to the buttock the sacrum may be treated to create more of a shelf-like appearance to the buttock. By treating the areas surrounding the buttock the patient can achieve the illusion of a shapely more prominent buttock often times with minimal fat transfer.

For those seeking a look similar to women often seen in Brazilian at Carnival, leaving the areas of the outer and inner thighs untreated and performing a large volume fat transfer may be the best option. Your desired result is as individualized as you are and Dr. Todd Malan will listen, discuss and educate you on all options based on your goals and body type.

Planning for after your procedure is just as important as pre-operative planning. Some bruising and swelling are to be expected. Typically, swelling or inflammation sets in on the 3rd day.* Once the swelling sets in it typically takes a few weeks to diminish. Patients who live in town can take advantage of our on site massage therapies, which offers a specialized approach to stimulate the lymphatic system with use of an ultrasound device. This is not a traditional massage at all. Patients report they feel significantly better just after 1 treatment. This treatment helps the body get rid of the swelling and is very detoxifying. The more treatments you can do in the early stages of your recovery the better you will feel. When the body doesn’t have to work so hard to get rid of inflammation the skin is given the best chance to tighten up.

We also recommend the use of homeopathic remedies such as oral Arnica and natural herbal supplements to support your total body system.

Patients will also be given two supportive pillows to be used when sitting and laying down to keep pressure off where the fat was placed. These supportive pillows should be used for the first 6 weeks after your procedure. Each patient is given detailed pre and post- operative instructions, which our medical staff will thoroughly review with you.

We encourage patients to get back to light cardio exercise within the first couple of days. Light walking is encouraged to stimulate blood flow and assist the body in healing. Patients should mindfully listen to their bodies and shouldn’t do too much exercise too fast. Intervals of rest and light exercise are advised for the first week. Strenuous exercise should be reserved for the end of the second week or third week. Listening to the body at this time is very important. When the body is healing, it’s not ideal to push through a work out. It is best to respect your body’s signals while you are healing.

Patients should NOT do extreme dieting for at least 6 months after their procedure. In fact, best results are seen when pre surgery weight is maintained for the first 6 months after your procedure. Therefore, if you enjoy a heavy work out routine just be sure to compensate with the appropriate caloric intake to maintain your pre surgery weight.

Results can often be seen right away, however, it takes time for the fat to settle and swelling to diminish. Expect about an 80% survival rate of the transferred fat with Dr. Todd Malan’s advanced approach to fat harvesting and injection technique.* Patients can improve retention results and reduce healing time by doing this type of procedure.

Brazilian Butt Lift Scottsdale AZ
* Results May Vary



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