Facial aging is not gender specific. After a certain age, everyone starts to notice sagging skin and wrinkles on the face. Loss of fat volume in the face is a significant contributor to the appearance of wrinkles. Likewise, lost fat in the cheeks, eyelids, brows and jawline can make the skin begin to sag or droop. All of these factors can make you look older than you are and certainly older than you feel. Men can benefit from innovative, non-surgical techniques to restore lost volume and reduce wrinkles without any major downtime.

Dr. Todd Malan of the Innovative Cosmetic Surgery Center in Scottsdale is one of the few cosmetic doctors in the United States to offer the Stem Cell Facelift for both men and women. This advanced, minimally invasive technique uses your body’s own fat and stem cells to restore lost volume. The results are longer lasting and more natural looking than traditional facial fillers. The fat transfer procedure is completed in a short office visit with minimal downtime.

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A Natural Facial Filler

There are many techniques to restore lost volume. One popular method is to use an artificial facial filler, such as Juvéderm, to temporarily plump up the skin. Another option is surgery. A surgical facelift requires the skin to be cut, retracted and excess skin removed. Both of these options tend to be less than ideal for most men who simply want the most natural looking result possible without any lengthy downtime.

Dr. Malan offers an exciting option for men. It’s called a Stem Cell Facelift. This technique uses your body’s own fat, combined with adult stem cells (found among the fat cells) to naturally restore volume to the face.

Benefits of Stem Cell Facelift

  • All natural, non-chemical, non-toxic facial filler
  • Sourced from your body, so no risk of allergic reaction
  • Long lasting (typical results last 5 or more years)*

How Does Fat Transfer to Face Work?

This non-surgical facelift procedure is complete in a single office visit and lasts about 2 to 3 hours. There are three basic steps:

  • 1. Harvesting Fat
    Dr. Malan will use advanced liposuction to harvest fat from another part of your body such as your chest, abdomen or waist.
  • 2. Purification
    The fat then goes through a purification process to remove excess fluids and other materials to create a concentration of healthy fat cells and stem cells.
  • Fat Grafting
    Finally, Dr. Malan will skillfully inject the fat into your face using a specialized grafting technique.

How Much Does a Stem Cell Facelift Cost?

Pricing for our fat transfer procedures depends on several factors. First, consider how much liposuction you want done. This is a great opportunity to also sculpt your body into the ideal shape. Innovative Cosmetic Surgery Center often offers discounts for multiple procedures performed at the same time.

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*Disclaimer: results may vary


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