Who is an ideal candidate for an advanced liposuction procedure?

An ideal candidate for this procedure is someone who is within 20lbs of their goal weight who is looking to treat stubborn areas of fat and has good skin integrity. Dr. Malan will evaluate your problem areas and discuss what a realistic expectation would be based on your specific needs. Advanced liposuction is designed to offer patients the ability to sculpt and blend trouble areas while tightening the skin with minimal downtime as compared to traditional old- fashioned liposuction.

How do I know what type of advanced liposuction procedure is right for me?

Dr. Todd Malan is the foremost expert on advanced liposuction and body sculpting technology. He is frequently asked to be a guest speaker on the topic and to participate in FDA trials for emerging technology. During your consultation Dr. Malan will evaluate your specific needs and educate you on his multidisciplinary approach to body sculpting. Dr. Malan believes that one technology does not fit all. He believes a customized approach in which he can tailor your specific procedure to your desired goals is far more effective. By combining technologies and techniques he can offer patients the most advanced treatment plan to effectively sculpt problem areas while tightening the skin without damaging surrounding connective tissue.

What is the downtime associated with an advanced liposuction procedure?

Typical downtime is 1-2 days depending on the number of areas being treated.* Many patients like to have their procedure performed on a Friday and return to work the following Monday. After 1-2 days patients can start getting back into their regular routine.* Patients can expect to be sore and have some swelling. Many report they feel as though they have had a hard work out. If you are treating several areas at once or have a very challenging physical job, you may want to plan for a lighter schedule. Each patients experience is as individualized as they are, listening to your body will ensure you have an optimal healing experience.

When will I see results from an advanced liposuction procedure?

Results can be seen immediately, however the body does not heal instantly. As a result of your procedure, you will experience some swelling in the treated areas. The swelling is your body’s way of telling you it is healing. Depending on the amount of fat removed and your personal constitution will determine how quickly the swelling or inflammation resolves. We have found post operative supplement use to be very effective in assisting the body resolve inflammation. Our medical staff will advise which products are most effective. Typically at 4 weeks post operative, patients will see a noticeable benefit from their procedure. Clothing will fit better and the treated area will be smaller.*

How long will it take before I can work out after having advanced liposuction?

Most patients who have an advanced liposuction procedure can return to light to moderate cardiovascular exercise within the first week of their procedure. Typically, patients can return to a more vigorous exercise program at the end of two weeks.* We encourage each patient to ease back into exercise and really listen to what their body is trying to communicate to them. Your recovery is as individualized as you are and it’s important to acknowledge the communication your body is providing while you are healing. If you are doing too much too soon, the body will tell you by feeling tired.

Will I have bruising from an advanced liposuction procedure and how long will it take for it to go away?

You should expect some bruising. Bruising varies from patient to patient. Taking preoperative measures such as avoiding alcohol, aspirin, fish oils and flax seed oils two weeks prior to your procedure will significantly reduce your risk of bruising. Additionally, starting a homeopathic remedy such as Arnica one week prior to your procedure will assist in preventing bruising. You will be provided with detailed preoperative instructions prior to your procedure and our medical staff will review all instructions with you thoroughly. Typical bruising can last up to 2 weeks. If you are someone who is prone to bruising then proper preoperative planning and use of Arnica is strongly advised.

Will I have scarring from having an advanced liposuction procedure?

While scarring is not typical, it is a risk with any type of surgical procedure. Dr. Malan and our medical staff will consult with you prior to your procedure to address if you have a history of keloid scarring. If you are prone to scarring, we will discuss care and use of specific products that can assist in preventing keloid scarring of the incision site.

If you are not prone to scarring then typically patients will not notice incision sites 1-3 months after their procedure.* It is our goal to minimize the amount of incisions and strategically place them for the best aesthetic outcome. Incision sites are very small and after 1-3 months typically patients will not be able to see where the incisions were placed.* It is important to follow postoperative instructions regarding incision care. One important step is to always apply sunscreen to incision sites within the first year of your procedure.

*Disclaimer: results may vary


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