Since 2007, Scottsdale cosmetic physician Dr. Todd Malan has been an advocate of treating Lipedema with the water assisted liposuction device. The Body-Jet or WAL device allows doctors to remove lipedema fat without damaging the underlying lymphatic channels or veins plexus.

“This is not just about good cosmetic results. Lipedema patients will worsen following traditional liposuction and only WAL offers the patients an option of not just ridding themselves of unwanted fat but doing so in a way that helps stop the worsening or return of the disease process. Lipedema patients require not just surgical expertise but unique post operative care and follow-up.” Dr. Malan

Dr. Malan is dedicated to the education of physicians and patients regarding options for the effective recognition and treatment of lipedema. He utilizes his expertise in sequential garments and lymphatic massage to help the lipedema patient through the unique recovery process.

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What Is Lipedema?

Lipedema or Lipoedema is an inheritable disorder of fat storage and lymphatic drainage that affects an unknown number of women. Patients often present with abnormal fat storage that is isolated to the lower extremities and upper buttock areas and is typically out of proportion with fat storage in other areas of the body.

The causes and manifestations of this disorder are not universally agreed upon but some characteristics tend to differentiate Lipedema from obesity related simple fat storage. Lipedema fat does not tend to respond to diet and or exercise, is often accompanied by lymphatic and subcutaneous venous plexus stasis, and can present with neurogenic pain.

Doctors typically become aware of the diagnosis after mistakenly using traditional liposuction methods for what they believe to be normal fat removal. This traditional liposuction causes damage to the underlying small veins and lymphatic channels. The lymphatic channels are paper-thin structures that carry lymphatic fluid. These vessels are easily compressed or blocked by swelling and easily torn by routine liposuction.

For the non-lipedema patient, traditional liposuction can lead to prolonged swelling and lymphedema which although uncomfortable is temporary and resolves within a few weeks. For the Lipedema patient, traditional liposuction can lead to severe long-standing lymph edema, venous stasis, and pain.

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