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Dr Malan and his staff made me feel so comfortable from day 1 of my consultation to my last day of post-op pics. I am so excited to show off my new body now! Dr Malan is a body sculpting hero! Thank you!*

- Lizz

The staff was super wonderful throughout the whole process. They make you feel like part of the family. They are the kindest, most compassionate people I’ve ever dealt with in the medicine field. I will definitely come again! P.S. My results were AWESOME!*

- Laurie

The staff at this office are so nice they treat you like a queen.*

- Sonia

Dr. Malan thank you for the fantastic job you did on my body. I love it! I was very nervous about having liposuction but you and your staff made me feel comfortable and confident. Everyone was so nice every time I came in. I canâ’t thank you enough.*

- R.M.

I work out on a regular basis and no matter how much I train I could not get rid of my love handles. I heard about Smartlipo on the news and decided to schedule a consultation. From the moment I walked in the door and met Dr Malan and his staff, I felt comfortable and confident about the outcome of the procedure.

The procedure went great. I could hardly believe that it wasn’t painful. It felt like I was getting a deep tissue massage. The next day the staff called to see how I was feeling. I was surprised at how good I felt. My abdomen felt sore, but it felt as if I had done a strenuous workout. I only needed to take one day off of work. The most wonderful thing about this whole thing is that when I look in the mirror, I see a smooth transition from my hips to my thighs. I am 100% satisfied with the results and the level of care I received from Dr. Malan and his staff.*

- K.B.

I am now in my third week post-op and I wanted to thank you all for making my “mommy makeover” experience a wonderful one.

Prior to choosing Innovative Cosmetic Surgery for my procedure, I researched online and consulted with a number of plastic surgeons in Texas to determine what procedure would be right for me. I came across the informational videos by Dr. Malan, and was impressed by the possibility of combining liposuction with natural breast augmentation. The professional and personable manner in which you conveyed information presented in the videos, Dr. Malan, convinced me to pursue this course.

From the first contact with your office, I was instilled with confidence and excitement for the procedures. Lisa was my initial contact, and I was impressed by her patience in thoroughly addressing all my questions and concerns. Her warmth put me at ease. Michele followed up by providing me with in-depth information about the procedure and assisted me with completing forms and making necessary arrangements. She was attentive and prompt, and I felt well-cared for by her throughout the process. Misty was very kind and encouraging the day of my consult, and instilled confidence in me that this was the right place to have this procedure. And Christie was personable and respectful the morning of the procedure, helping me to feel comfortable going into the surgery. You and your entire staff made me feel special and valued throughout my days under your care, and I appreciate each of you.

My expectations were realistic going into the procedure, and the results have exceeded those expectations. Though at 52 years of age this may seem a frivolous venture to some, I am so happy I finally did it! And I am glad I waited until your technique was available to me. I hold you and your staff in high esteem, and will highly recommend your practice to anyone. You are the best!*

- Cheryl

I am very happy with the results. Dr Malan and staff treated me very well. I notice a big improvement in the mirror and the best thing, my clothes fit!*

- Marina

The decision to have the “Smart Lipo” procedure was not a decision made lightly. Money was an issue. I know you can do a lot with that kind of money. But without going into dollar amounts, because every procedure is different and after the procedure the money didn’t matter…it was worth every dollar I put into it. That being said, my life did change on that day. I still have bills to pay, still have problems at work sometimes…but getting out of bed and facing myself became a good experience every day! That hadn’t happened in a long time. How I looked at myself and how others looked at me had changed. How others looked at me had changed…not because of the difference in my physical body image, but because of my confidence. I walked taller, I was happier and I lost the need to hide behind things! I was no longer afraid of the camera.

I am military and this all stemmed from the need to be physically fit to keep my job. I have struggled the better part of my adult life with the ups and downs of weight loss, never being extremely over weight, but always over weight.

As I turned the corner on 50 and was diagnosed with Diabetes the little tire around my middle continued to grow, even spending three days a week with a trainer in the gym…it just didn’t seem to budge that tire. I was discouraged and sit ups were way more of a challenge then they should have been and needless to say…a pushup was just a constant reminder that I didn’t like my body.

My return to the gym after the healing process has been a high for me! I was ready to go, didn’t feel the embarrassment that kept me from going many days and the efforts to get physically fit were now what I wanted to do…not what someone told me I had to!

And as a note of importance, I have never been treated so well by the staff and medical technicians as I was at Dr Malan’s practice. I was on the other side of the country, but there was never a time when my emails, phone call and concerns were not returned or addresses immediately. I was well briefed on the physical and emotional aspects of the process and I felt like I was very prepared to care for myself during the initial healing phase. There was pain and there were questions that came up later, but all were just a part of the process.

Now three months after the procedure, I still have contact with them and update them on the progress I have made since they made progress a word I can now use.

Go into this with confidence…you have everything to gain…and even more to lose!

Very Sincerely,
A very satisfied customer*

- A Satisfied Customer

After having two children, my body completely changed, and so did my confidence. I couldn’t fit in any of my clothes, I was hiding behind baggy t-shirts, and worst of all, I was missing out on the fun with my boys around the pool and the beach. When I stopped and realized how I was not in ANY of the pictures with my children, I knew how much I had been avoiding showing myself to others. I started to work out very hard with a trainer, and although it helped, my body just was not going to go back to what it was. That’s when I was fortunate enough to come across Dr. Malan and his staff. The procedure was easier than I expected, and for SURE, I didn’t know I could look this good this fast! I can honestly say I am happier and more confident than I can ever remember. I wake up in the morning looking at my brand new wardrobe and wondering what do I want to wear today, instead of how can I hide my troubled spots. I feel young and alive again, and it was Dr. Malan with his expertise who made me feel this way. My house, my family, my life are happier and more lively now. This summer I have not missed one day of fun with my boys, and I am thankful for how things have changed. Thank you Dr. Malan and all your staff. I could not ask for better courtesy from your staff and better results from the procedure.*

- S.P.

As soon as you walk into Dr. Malan’s office you can feel the positive energy and the connection the staff has with one another – they genuinely enjoy what they are doing and want to be there. From perky Mitchell at the front desk – who is a walking testimony for SmartLipo having had it done herself (have her show you her 6 pack!) to the patient coordinator Michelle who goes out of her way to make the experience as smooth as possible. From the very beginning you know you are in good hands.

Having had traditional liposuction years before I was a bit skeptical that SmartLipo would “almost painless” and that “I would be back up in no time”. They weren’t kidding. In fact for most of the procedure I played my hand Play Station Portable game system to calm my nerves. Before I knew it – the procedure was finished and I was in a town car being driven back to the hotel. Within a day or two things were back to normal and already (despite some swelling) could notice the improvements.

For those of you on the fence about SmartLipo and/or have been looking for a surgeon for this procedure – you have come to the right place. As you will soon find out, Dr. Malan is the TRAINER for new Smartlipo cosmetic surgeons from all around the world. For me it was a no brainer: who else would I want to sculpt my body, the Professor or the Student?*

- CJ

It’s so nice to look in the mirror everyday and see a more beautiful me. And the best part is… my inner beauty is beginning to shine through more and more. Being more satisfied with my outer self affords me more time to concentrate on my inner self. And THAT makes life wonderful.*

- A.B.

I was scheduled for traditional Liposuction when I saw Dr. Malan on the news talking about SmartLipo. I called his office the next day to learn more about the procedure and after hearing all the pros I and made an appointment. What is so attractive about SmartLipo is that you are awake during the procedure, there is minimal pain and bruising and you see the results immediately. The day after my procedure I was out getting a pedicure. I have worked out my entire life but was never able to lose the pooch on my stomach. Thanks to Dr. Malan and his staff I can honestly say I have a flat stomach for the first time in my life.*

- Sherri

I had my smartlipo done 5 weeks ago. I had my chin, flanks, and banana roll done. Dr. Malan and his staff took such great care of me. He was able to give my butt a lift using the smartlipo. I don’t know how he did it, but I no longer have a pancake butt. He did such a good job that you can’t tell I had work done at all. It looks soooo natural. The incision marks are so small. They look like the size of a small zit.

I love the way I look. I saw results right away. I only needed to take one day off from work. I would recommend this procedure to anyone. I would never go the traditional lipo route and risk having loose saggy skin. I can’t believe it really tightened the skin. I think this is what Tara Reid had done to fix the regular lipo she had.

I am finding that stretching feels great and I think this is helping with the healing. I can only imagine how great it is going to look after my body is completely healed. I think Dr. Malan told me it takes 3 months for the body to completely heal. Well, I feel and look great.*


- D.G.


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