Sculpt Your Summer Body with Advanced Liposuction

body sculpting for a beach body phoenix azFeeling a bit anxious about upcoming summer activities and swimsuit shopping?

If you have been avoiding the mirror because you feel self-conscious about your appearance, consider how a personalized cosmetic treatment could change your outlook. Dr. Todd Malan is a leading Phoenix area cosmetic physician and offers consultative care for your cosmetic goals in a state of the art medical facility located in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. A confidential consultation can provide the opportunity to discuss your personal goals, learn more about the cosmetic procedures we offer and what is best suited to you and your needs.

Dr. Malan offers a range of body sculpting cosmetic treatments, including non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures that address stubborn excess fat, loose skin and lost volume in the face, hands, and breasts. Dr. Malan is a pioneer in the effective use of fat transfer for natural looking results using your own harvested adipose cells. He works with our patients on an individual basis to evaluate your health condition, identify the most appropriate treatment options and develop a personal plan for achieving a renewed sense of confidence in your appearance.

Advanced Liposuction in Phoenix

Dr. Malan was one of the first cosmetic physicians in the U.S. to use liposuction for the removal of stubborn areas of fat that has proven resistant to diet and exercise in otherwise healthy patients. While not a weight loss alternative, liposuction can be used by an experienced and skilled physician to sculpt the abdomen, thighs, arms or back for a more youthful or athletic physique. Available for both men and women, liposuction is performed in our office using advanced laser techniques for minimal discomfort and downtime. The use of lasers also allows for a more predictable result and significantly reduces damage to soft tissues in the treated area, a common side effect of more traditional liposuction procedures.

If you have been struggling with your body shape and feeling frustrated that no amount of exercise is diminishing certain areas of stubborn fat, discuss your concerns and goals with Dr. Malan. A liposuction or fat transfer treatment may be the perfect solution and offer the lasting results you desire. Our staff can provide the support and post treatment care advice you need to maintain your new body contour and feel great about your appearance. Contact us to schedule a consultation by calling (480) 998-7999.


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