Microneedling: Alternatives for Treating Acne Scarring

Microneedling: Alternatives for Treating Acne ScarringThe scars left behind by acne often go deeper than what is visible on the surface, affecting your self esteem and even impacting professional or social interactions. There are a range of cosmetic procedures that can address acne scarring, many of which have drawbacks such as limited results, downtime or side effects.

At the Innovative MedSpa, we offer an alternative for the treatment of acne scars that can provide a more lasting result, using your body’s own healing process to renew your appearance and smooth skin texture. Microneedling with PRP will boost your natural collagen production in treated areas, resulting in the growth of healthier, fuller skin cells and a dramatic reduction in the appearance of acne scars. Our esthetician will meet with you to evaluate the condition of your skin, discuss your cosmetic goals and make the appropriate treatment recommendation for you.

Microneedling: How Does It Work?

We use the Collagen P.I.N.™ to create micro tears in the skin surface while minimizing deep trauma and the common side effects of other microneedling options such as noticeable swelling and redness. Combined with PRP growth factor, your treatment will rejuvenate damaged areas of the skin. Depending on your specific needs and skin damage, we will recommend the appropriate number of treatment sessions for achieving your desired result. Each session is performed in our beautiful, relaxing and state of the art medical spa in Scottsdale. In about 45 minutes, you can return to your normal daily routine with only minor redness in treated areas which will subside over the following 48 hours.

Microneedling with the Collagen P.I.N.™ and PRP serves as a safe, relatively simple and painless alternative to chemical skin resurfacing when treating facial scars from acne, trauma and chicken pox as well as those fine lines and wrinkles. In the experienced hands of our esthetician and the staff of the Innovative MedSpa, you will receive personalized, consultative care tailored to you and your expectations.

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Ready to reveal smoother skin tone and boost your confidence in your appearance? To learn more about microneedling with the Collagen P.I.N. and PRP, schedule a consultation at the Innovative MedSpa. You will have the opportunity to talk with our practitioner about your cosmetic concerns and results you would like to achieve. Contact our office at 623-748-4892 or request an appointment online.

Out of town? No problem. We work with patients from all over the Unites States and can facilitate a video consultation or work with you to coordinate your treatment while you are visiting the local area.


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