Why Are Adult Stem Cells From Fat So Important Right Now?

There are certain topics you don’t bring up at a dinner party: religion, politics, and stem cells. For years now, people have argued over the ethical consequences versus the medical possibilities of stem cells. Today, the topic has taken a new turn. Rather than focus on controversial embryonic stem cells, fat derived stem cells are taking center stage.

About Adult Stem Cells

Stem cells are found throughout the body including bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, and adipose tissue (fat). Adult stem cells have an incredible ability to restore tissues and organs. Presently, these stem cells are being used in investigational regenerative medicine to heal a number of diseases and conditions in the fields of cardiovascular surgery, dermatology, orthopedics, wound healing – just to name a few.
Fat derived stem cells offer key advantages over adult stem cells collected from other areas of the body. First, fat tissue is 1,000 times richer in quantities of adult stem cells than bone marrow. Second, fat is easy and economical to collect. Compared to harvesting bone marrow derived adult stem cells, the procedure is minimally invasive with virtually no pain and a minimal recovery time.

In reconstructive and aesthetic cosmetic surgery, adult derived stem cells can be used in a number of cosmetic applications such as fat transfer to the face, hands, buttock and breasts. The appeal in a cosmetic or reconstructive setting is that a patient is able to combat the signs of aging or correct a defect by using their own tissue and cells for regeneration.

Banking For the Future

Even if you are not considering liposuction for aesthetic purposes, its a good idea to store your stem cell rich fat  for later use. The multitude of benefits and applications are tremendous. This advance has the  healing potential to revolutionize medicine as we know it. Banking your fat and cells while you are young means those cells are suspended in cryogenic tanks and therefore not subject to the effects of aging.  This is a valuable point. The younger you are the faster you tend to heal simply because your cellular structures within your body typically haven’t been damaged by external factors like environment  or intrinsic aging. As we age our cellular function and performance begin to diminish. Having the ability to utilize cells and tissue from when you were younger means you gain all the potency, performance and function of cells that are programmed genetically to repair.  Whether your goal is aesthetic anti-aging or regenerative medicine remedy later down the road,  now is the best time to proactively participate in your future aging needs. At current, there are  more than 100 conditions and diseases that can be treated using adult stem cells derived from fat.

Dr. Todd Malan of the Innovative Cosmetic Surgery Center in Scottsdale, Arizona has pioneered the stem cell enhanced natural breast augmentation procedure in the United States. He offers his patients the latest techniques/technologies in regenerative aesthetics and age management. Innovative Cosmetic Surgery Center serves as the only clinic in Arizona offering patients the ability to bank their adult stem cells and fat.

Many of the procedures that Dr. Todd Malan has pioneered had initially been given the label “disruptive technology” in the United States. However, Dr. Malan relies on the consistent ground breaking success of  researchers and  colleagues  in Europe, Asia, and South America who are the backbone for innovation in medical technology and advancement.

Dr. Todd Malan is an active member, speaker, and educator in the field of cosmetic surgery and natural breast augmentation. He has been featured in medical journals and national magazines and is frequently asked to lecture about the procedures he has pioneered.

For more information about regenerative aesthetics and cosmetic procedures Dr. Todd Malan performs, contact us today.


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