Suzanne Somers: Stem Cell Breast Reconstruction

Women with breast cancer who’ve undergone lumpectomies (where a portion of the breast is removed) or mastectomies (where the entire breast is removed) have typically had two choices for their breasts: either accept their altered appearance or consider reconstruction using silicone implants. For many, the idea of inserting a foreign implant into their body — and the inherent risk of rejection, rupture, or possibly cancer — just isn’t an appealing option.

Thankfully, breakthroughs in science and medicine have led to a highly effective and completely natural option: using a patient’s own fat and stem cells in a procedure called “stem cell breast augmentation”.  Dr. Todd Malan, the first U.S. surgeon to perform a stem cell breast augmentation in 2009, explains in this video how stem cells help newly transferred fat tissue survive and thrive in the breast.

Stem cell procedures are getting more and more attention in the news. Suzanne Somers, a Hollywood icon, has come forward to discuss her personal story with breast cancer and stem cell breast reconstruction, which has opened the door for many women who may not have known this was an option.

In an interview with Access Hollywood Live,  Somers discussed her reaction after undergoing a lumpectomy to remove cancerous tissue 12 years ago. She explained that she had expected to see a lump about the size of a quarter removed from her breast, but instead was shocked to see that nearly half her breast was gone.

A well-known proponent of natural and alternative medicine, Somers decided to wait on breast reconstruction until a safer, more natural option was available in the United States. She worked to have a clinical trial approved for the procedure and volunteered to be the first in the trial to undergo a stem cell breast reconstruction.

Using fat and stem cells harvested from her abdomen, her doctor restored her breast to its original size. Somers says she is delighted with the results, and has even released exclusive video footage of her procedure to help other women understand the process.

As an expert in stem cell breast augmentation procedures, Dr. Malan recommends that women with breast cancer who choose this option wait until they are cancer free for five years. The procedure is not currently covered by medical insurance.

Somers believes stem cells are the future of medicine, and predicts that within 10-15 years adult stem cells will be used to address virtually all aspects of health.  Certainly considering her story and countless others hitting the news today, it’s becoming more and more obvious that stem cells have the potential to enhance our quality of life, increase longevity, and give us access to the long-sought-after Fountain of Youth.


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