Dr. Todd Malan featured in Scottsdale Living Magazine

The winter 2012 issue of Scottsdale Living magazine includes a story called “Cosmetic Confidence”, which highlights the growing number of nonsurgical procedures and new demographic trends in cosmetic surgery including men, baby boomers and menopausal women.

In the article, Dr. Todd Malan discusses the increasing trend in his office of patients seeking Botox, fillers, laser procedures and fat transfers to the face over major surgical procedures. In addition, he describes how more men are looking into aesthetic procedures to help them appear younger, more vibrant and more able to compete in a tougher job market. And baby boomers, who are now in their 60’s, are showing their desire to fight the aging process rather than grow old gracefully.

Read more here: http://issuu.com/azbigmedia/docs/scottsdale-living-winter-2012-digital/9



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