Worried About Witchy Hands? Consider Fat Transfer

For many women, the hand is the one area of the body that really gives away our age. While there have been anti-aging products on the market for decades, until recently there was no real solution for aging hands. Cosmetic procedures aimed at tightening skin or filling lines and wrinkles in the face really aren’t successful in treating the exposed veins, tendons and bones in our hands that become so prevalent, particularly for women, as we mature.

Recent advances in fat transfer procedures now enable us to turn back time and regain youthful-looking hands. The reason? We actually lose fat volume from our hands as we age, so replacing that lost volume is the optimal solution. The procedure itself is simple: a small amount of fat is harvested from the abdomen or hip and then injected into locally anesthetized hands. Patients report that all they feel during the fat transfer is a tugging sensation in their hands. And the results speak for themselves, as seen in the pictures below: (insert before/after hands photos)

For more information on fat transfer procedures: Fat Transfer procedures in Scottsdale, AZ.


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