Natural Breast Augmentation Featured In New You Magazine

This month, Dr. Malan is quoted in two great articles about natural breast augmentation.

This story in discusses the benefits of fat transfer vs. implants. As Dr. Malan explains, fat transfer to the breast involves the gentle harvesting of fat tissue from unwanted areas of the body (including hips, thighs, stomach, back) via liposuction. Naturally occurring adult cells are then separated from a portion of the fat, activated and re-concentrated into the remaining fat. This cell-enhanced fat is then injected in micro-droplets into the breast. The cells then go to work, creating a new blood supply for the transferred fat — allowing it to survive and grow!

New You Magazine’s story features the latest developments in breast augmentation, and the increasing prevalence in fat transfers to the breast. In the article Dr. Malan describes one of the best aspects (for many women) of natural breast augmentation: “I tell my patients to go and gain three to five pounds. The weight goes right to the breast!”

For more information on natural breast augmentation, visit or Enhanced Natural Breast Augmentation page.


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