Stem Cells For Skin Rejuvenation

In the current issue of InWithSkin Magazine, Dr. Malan discusses the breakthrough in anti-aging procedures that may revolutionize the beauty industry. Adult stem cells, found in abundance in our fat tissue, are now being used to help replace volume in our faces that is lost as we age. And unlike facelifts or fillers that temporarily smooth lines and wrinkles, stem cells actually work to rejuvenate the skin — essentially turning back the clock to reveal younger skin.

A stem cell fat transfer to the face is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure performed with local anesthesia. A small amount of fat is gently harvested from typical fat storage areas of the body (like the abdomen or hips). A portion of stem cells within the fat are then separated, activated and re-concentrated into the remaining fat. This cell-enriched fat is then injected in micro-droplets into the face using a syringe.

Typical downtime following this procedure is 24-48 hours. Over the next few months, the stem cells repair damaged and aging tissue, improve cell function and build stronger collagen fibers. The result? Refreshed, rejuvenated, younger skin — no scalpel required.


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