Advances in Liposuction

The days of long recoveries from liposuction with the accompanying scarring are long gone. With the new advancements in Liposuction, you can have the procedure on Friday and be back to work on Monday! When liposuction was in its infancy it wasn’t unusual for people to end up with lumpiness and scars that needed to be hidden out of embarrassment. Now with Advances in Liposuction like Vibro, Tickle, Laser, and Body-Jet liposuction creating contouring without pain is an option.

Liposuction remained largely unchanged for over twenty years. Large cannulas were used to tear the fat into tiny pieces and vacuum it out. And if that doesn’t sound violent, the resulting scarring, lumpiness, and long painful recovery would’ve shown that it was.

Laser liposuction involves making small incisions that can be easily hidden by clothing or in natural creases. Through the incision, the fat layer is filled with tumescent solution. And a small laser fiber about the size of a strand of spaghetti is threaded into the area. The laser boils the fat until it is a liquid that can be easily suctioned out of the area. This eliminates the need for a sharp cannula to tear at the area, which often resulted in blood loss and nerve damage. In addition, that heat generated by the laser tightens the skin preventing the sagging skin that often resulted from traditional liposuction.

Although laser liposuction was a step forward, it alone can leave skin prone to bunching, especially in the belly area. Whereas Body-Jet Liposuction uses powerful pulses of tumescent solution to break up the fat. The skin is smoothed out and reseals to the muscle, making it the preferred method for sculpting six-pack abs. Using the two methods together usually yields the most satisfying results. In addition, Vibro or Tickle Lipo in which the suction tip oscillates is emerging as a viable ways to achieve the fat removal so many people want. These advances in Liposuction allow your doctor be a true artist practicing in the medium of minimally invasive body sculpting.


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