Permanent Fix For Man Boobs

Statistics show the number of men having cosmetic procedures are growing every year. We also see that men are becoming more comfortable and confident talking about their procedures and experience.

Dr. Todd K. Malan was featured on Fox 10 news to explain why men are attracted to his advanced procedures. “My combination of gentle water assisted liposuction with a laser lipo, like smartlipo, allows me to harvest fat and then sculpt problem areas.” This minimally invasive cosmetic procedure can be done awake, requires little down time and leaves minimal (if any) scarring.

Fox 10 also interviewed Anthony, one of Dr. Malan’s patients. Although he was in pretty good shape post surgery, this 37 year old desired to reach his goal of having his body look like it did when he was in his 20’s. As men age it’s common to grow fatty pockets often referred to as beer belly and man boobs, or moobs. Since diet and exercise isn’t always enough to correct these problematic areas, men have been left feeling less than happy with their appearance. With Dr. Malan’s combination therapy, it is now possible for middle aged men to restore their youthful appearance and age more gracefully.


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