Stem Cells in Breast Augmentation Procedures

Due to advanced innovative technology, getting breast implants is no longer necessary to achieve breast enlargements. In the past, using breast augmentation to increase breast size was primarily unsuccessful because of the failure of transplanted fat cells to survive. In the late 1980’s, using fat cells in breast augmentations was banned because of the inadequate technology, minimal research and the potential for complications. In October 2009, Dr. Todd Malan, M.D. was the first physician to do a stem cell breast augmentation in the United States.  Since then, the success of stem cell breast augmentations has caused the ban to become obsolete. Stem cell augmentation is a relatively new and simple procedure which involves recycling excess fat from other parts of the body, such as the stomach and the thighs and injecting those fat cells into the breasts. This procedure is a less invasive and a more natural way to achieve breast enlargements, than getting breast implants.

In a stem cell breast augmentation procedure, stem cell are extracted from fat tissues and combined with body fat to produce firmer and fuller breasts. The use of stem cells is a more effective method than using only fat cells for breast enhancement. There are many benefits to getting a stem cell breast augmentation. Unlike silicone breast implants, there are no foreign substances injected into the body, making it less likely to get an infections, have a breast implant rupture, or for some other serious complications to occur. Stem cells combined with liposuction fat increases the survival rate of the fat cells and regenerate stem cells to enhance the growth of the breasts and to help in the healing process.

A stem cell breast augmentation takes 4 to 6 hours to perform and increases the size of the breast about one to two cup size. The recovery period from stem cell augmentation take approximately 48 hours and the procedure is relatively painless. Getting a stem cell breast augmentation does not interfere with a mammogram nor effects the detection of breast


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