Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

For years, women have asked their doctors if the fat from one part of their body can be simply removed and then placed somewhere else in their body; improving the appearance of two areas at one time. Today, this procedure is finally possible. Transferring fat for breast augmentation uses the latest advances in technology to harvest fat and transfer it,  giving women the option of breast enlargement using their own personal fat, eliminating the use of unnatural implants.

An ideal candidate for fat transfer breast augmentation is any individual who wants a permanent and natural increase in breast size. This procedure is perfect for someone who has lost breast fullness from aging, breast feeding or fluctuation of weight.

With only local anesthesia and minimal recovery time, fat transfer breast augmentation restores youthfulness in parts of the body naturally. The cost of fat transfer breast augmentation estimates between $10,000 and $15,000 with many different factors determining the fee, including the areas which fat is harvested from.

The process of fat transfer breast augmentation is fairly simple. A gentle stream of water is first used to “flush” the fat from your body. The fat is then processed and injected into the breast. Adding stem cells to this process will maximize the fat survival rate and life span. There are times when a pressure splint is used to secure the placement of the fat. The end result of this transfer is enlarged breasts that look natural and free of any complications.


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