Patient Testimonial for Dr. Todd Malan and Smartlipo

Below is a Patient Testimonial sent to the staff at Dr. Todd Malan’s office:

A few words from a real loser (5 liters to be exact!)

The decision to have the “SmartLipo” procedure was not a decision made lightly. Money was an issue. I know you can do a lot with that kind of money. But without going into dollar amounts, because every procedure is different and after the procedure the money didn’t matter…it was worth every dollar I put into it. That being said, my life did change on that day. I still have bills to pay, still have problems at work sometimes…but getting out of bed and facing myself became a good experience every day! That hadn’t happened in a long time. How I looked at myself and how others looked at me had changed. How others looked at me had changed…not because of the difference in my physical body image, but because of my confidence. I walked taller, I was happier and I lost the need to hide behind things! I was no longer afraid of the camera.

I am military and this all stemmed from the need to be physically fit to keep my job. I have struggled the better part of my adult life with the ups and downs of weight loss, never being extremely over weight, but always over weight. As I turned the corner on 50 and was diagnosed with Diabetes the little tire around my middle continued to grow, even spending three days a week with a trainer in the gym…it just didn’t seem to budge that tire. I was discouraged and sit ups were way more of a challenge then they should have been and needless to say…a pushup was just a constant reminder that I didn’t like my body.

My return to the gym after the healing process has been a high for me! I was ready to go, didn’t feel the embarrassment that kept me from going many days and the efforts to get physically fit were now what I wanted to do…not what someone told me I had to! And as a note of importance, I have never been treated so well by the staff and medical technicians as I was at Dr Malan’s practice. I was on the other side of the country, but there was never a time when my emails, phone call and concerns were not returned or addresses immediately. I was well briefed on the physical and emotional aspects of the process and I felt like I was very prepared to care for myself during the initial healing phase. There was pain and there were questions that came up later, but all were just a part of the process.

Now three months after the procedure, I still have contact with them and update them on the progress I have made since they made progress a word I can now use.

Go into this with confidence…you have everything to gain…and even more to lose!

Very Sincerely,
A very satisfied customer


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