Advanced Liposuction: Because Beauty Does Not Equal Pain!

Dr. Todd Malan specializes in Advanced Liposuction and Fat Transfer procedures. In fact, Dr. Malan trains physicians worldwide in advanced body sculpting, laser assisted liposuction, fat transfer and cell cosmetic procedures. Dr. Malan developed a sophisticated body sculpting process that combines Body-Jet, a gentle water assisted liposuction technique, with laser liposuction, like Smartlipo, that provides advanced skin tightening to liposuction procedures. This method significantly reduces the risks commonly associated with traditional liposuction while stimulating collagen for skin tightening. Dr. Malan’s technique is quickly becoming the most sought after option for liposuction body sculpting. Dr. Malan’s method also allows fat transfer procedures to be added to lipo, where a patient can take unwanted fat from areas such as the abdomen, thighs and hips, and transfer it to areas where volume may be deficient, such as the breasts, buttock, hands and face.


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