Malan Method of Fat Transfer with Dr. Todd Malan

November 17, 2010

Dr. Todd Malan gives a brief overview on the history of Fat Transfer procedures and explains why his Fat Transfer method is successful. Dr. Malan specializes in Fat Transfer procedures, he even trains physicians worldwide in Fat Transfer  procedures.

Stem Cells: Current Trend in Cosmetic Surgery

November 16, 2010

We know Stem Cells are the current trend in cosmetic surgery. Stem Cells have also been dubbed the "Future of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery" by both industry and media professionals. Sometimes it's hard to determine why a new procedure works…

Advanced Liposuction: Because Beauty Does Not Equal Pain!

November 9, 2010

Dr. Todd Malan specializes in Advanced Liposuction and Fat Transfer procedures. In fact, Dr. Malan trains physicians worldwide in advanced body sculpting, laser assisted liposuction, fat transfer and stem cell cosmetic procedures. Dr. Malan developed a sophisticated body sculpting process…


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