Fat Transfer Procedures in Demand

BeautiFill, Dr. Todd Malan’s innovative fat transfer procedure, combines the alluring benefits of liposuction with cosmetic augmentation while eliminating the need of foreign fillers! Dr. Malan recently showed Fox 10 viewers the simplicity of a fat transfer to the hands procedure immediately following liposuction. Dr Malan says ” Advancements such as body-jet, the water assisted liposuction, and puregraft 250 have helped standardize results of BeautiFill.” Patients can finally enhance features such as breast, buttock and hands without adding a foreign object to their body when choosing fat transfer procedures.  You stay 100% natural by using your own fat. Plus, considering life span and maintenance, a person’s fat will last longer than a foreign filler.  Fat Transfer procedures are growing in demand amongst patients of all ages.

Watch Dr. Malan show Fox 10 BeautiFill, a fat transfer to the hands procedure:


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