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Liposuction is a procedure that enables a patient to remove unwanted fat from their body. Dr. Malan confirms that there is no standard lipo patient; men and women, young and old, some patients are in desperate need to remove a large amount of fat from their bodies while some patients desire only a small cosmetic enhancement. Because of advancements in technology Dr. Malan explains there are many different forms of liposuction that are proven to be safe and effective, unlike the original form of traditional lipo that often left undesirable side effects.

Laserlipo utilizes laser light to permanently zap away fat and tighten skin while achieving smoother results. This FDA approved procedure is performed in our medical office and does not require general anesthesia. It requires minimal downtime, produces immediate results and doesn’t have the negative side-effects commonly associated with traditional liposuction. Dr Malan currently has 5 different Laser Lipo devices to meet the needs of every patient.

Water-Assisted Liposuction, such as Body-Jet, uses medical-grade water solution to push apart sheets of fat cells at their weakest points. This newest technique allows the connective tissue to stay in tact, which maintains skins elasticity and eliminates skin wrinkles. This form of liposuction can be done in the office with a local anesthetic. Because it is minimally invasive, the technique can be performed on multiple areas of the body during the same surgical procedure, eliminating the hassle and expense of multiple appointments. This is also a one time treatment with lasting results. Patients experience little discomfort, quick healing and immediate visible results when using.

Fat transfers are now commonly associated with liposuction – it has been said they’re the best development in lipo!  It is becoming increasingly popular for patients undergoing liposuction to elect to transfer fat to other areas where they require enhancement, such as breast, buttock, hands and face to create a rejuvenated appearance.

Dr. Malan has performed liposuction procedures on patients from around the world, is a nationally recognized speaker on such procedures and educates respected physicians from around the globe to perform liposuction and fat transfer procedures.


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