Are Your Hands Revealing Your Age?

Dr. Malan Talks Fat Cell Procedures

Newsstands today report that Courtney Love was the latest in a slew of celebs having a fat cell enhanced cosmetic procedure. That brings us to one of our favorite best kept secrets – the enhanced fat transfer to the hands.  As Dr. Todd Malan says “the secret to determining a woman or man’s age is … their hands.”

For example, Madonna’s hands are the topic of public conversation continuously; In the age of high definition TV and paparazzi ridden streets critics don’t miss a beat.  Her face, skin and body are flawless, many even say she looks better now at 52 than she did at 32.  The only visible part of her that shows aging is her hands!

Society is catching on too, because the newest trend in cosmetic surgery is ditching granny hands by way of fat transfer.  Some patients choose to maximize results by adding rejuvenating adult cells which repair aging cells helping the skin and tissue to mimic younger skin. “This is a viable option for a patient who is undergoing liposuction or a patient who wants to remove only a minimal amount of fat for the procedure,” explains Dr. Malan.

This procedure is performed awake and results are immediately visible.  There may be swelling, but you can resume normal activity after 3 days.


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