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“Stem Cells are the future of Cosmetic Surgery” reports the Summer issue of New You Magazine, the official publication of the Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons. In this story Dr. Malan explains: “Adult stem cells are a ‘natural solution’; they exist naturally in our body and provide a natural mechanism for many tissues of our body. Adult stem cells are present in humans at birth and can be found  in body tissue such as bone marrow and fat cells. Adult stem cells are presently being used to help fight diseases and conditions such as leukemia and diabetes.”

It has been a natural transition for doctors to intertwine the use of adult stem cells stem cells – not the controversial embryonic stem cells – in cosmetic procedures to maximize results to the fullest. When stem cells are used in fat transfer procedures the fat survival rate is heightened and patients see greater results in enhancement and longevity.

Because of advanced technology it’s possible to gently liposuction fat from donor areas such as thighs and abdomen, concentrate the stem cells and inject into areas of the body for enhancement, such as breast, buttock, hands and face.  These procedures can often be performed awake and require little down time.  Compared to more traditional enhancements such as breast implants and facial fillers, fat transfer eliminates the need of repeat procedures such as having botox every 4 months and implants every 10 years.

When looking for a cosmetic surgeon to perform stem cell procedures it is important to find a physician who is committed to the future use of stem cells and has a successful track record in such procedures.


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