Dr. Malan Makes Natural Cosmetic Procedures Possible

The 2010 trend is to be natural. A-listers are going green, eating organic, practicing yoga, dating health conscious athletes and flaunting some seriously curvaceous bods. Scarlett Johansen and Beyoncé Knowles are known for their curves, Kim Kardashian for her bootie, Jessica Simpson for her voluptuous breasts and Kate Hudson for her youthful cheeks. As this healthy look tops the popularity charts in Hollywood it has also crossed the velvet rope to mesmerize the rest of us. Surgeons are reporting an increase in patients seeking out natural looking enhancements instead of drastic over the top makeovers like that of starlet Heidi Montag.

Dr. Malan is the creator of BeautiFill X, the Enhanced Natural Breast Augmentation, and the first U.S. Surgeon to perform the procedure. He has seen an overwhelming increase in patients wanting a more naturally enhanced appearance especially to the bustline. To get that coveted look these patients chose to “Recycle their own Fat.” Using liposuction techniques that keep fat in tact, Dr. Malan is able to take fat from a patient’s most problematic area and transfer it to the place of choice. Fuller breasts, rounder booty, innocent cheeks and youthful hands are now possible for all patients.  Best yet, these procedures can be complete in one day with less downtime than traditional surgery making it perfect for busy active lifestyles.

To help patient’s achieve this look and ensure physicians have the proper tools and knowledge to successfully perform these fat transfer procedures, Dr. Malan teaches physicians from all over the world his advanced technique and methodology.  Dr. Malan’s next course,  “ Autologous Fat Transfer Therapy”  will be held  in Scottsdale, AZ on August 14 and 15, 2010.  Unlike other fat transfer training courses and workshops, Dr. Malan’s course incorporates hands on training; case 1 is fat transfer to buttock and hands and case 2 is BeautiFill X, the Enhanced Natural Breast Augmentation. This course is the first CME certified of its kind and includes valuable take home material and more!

Dr. Malan is a nationally recognized speaker and educator on advanced body sculpting, fat transfer and a leading innovator on adipose derived cell therapies. He is a frequent guest speaker for organizations such as the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Malan trains physicians worldwide on this procedure and has been featured in the media for his recent advances to modernize Fat Transfer Techniques. His practice is fully dedicated to aesthetic cosmetic procedures and he is regarded as the pioneer of laser body sculpting and now enhanced natural breast augmentation in the United States.


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