Advantages of LaserLipo

LaserLipo, or SmartLipo as it is sometimes called, has a number of advantages over traditional liposuction methods. The procedure is minimally invasive, meaning less downtime and the ability for patients to quickly get back on their feet and back to work.

SmartLipo can be done in one easy procedure and this removes fat from the problem area permanently, meaning no return trips to the surgeon. In addition to simply removing fat, LaserLipo also offers the benefits of removing troublesome cellulite, tightening the skin in the surrounding area, and removing unsightly stretch marks.

One of the biggest advantages to LaserLipo is for patients who are rightly concerned about invasive surgeries. SmartLipo isn’t like that. Using state of the art lasers, the procedure makes only very small incisions, usually about the size of a pinhole. This is important not only for those who worry about the procedure itself, but those who don’t want to walk away from liposuction with ugly scars.

Because SmartLipo is so non-invasive, downtime is cut down to nearly nothing. With traditional liposuction, patients are sometimes incapacitated for a week or more, due to the bruising and pain associated with the surgery. With LaserLipo, downtime is only one or two days. The importance of this is plain to see in today’s busy world. Not only will patients be able to get back to work sooner, but the procedure allows for patients to go back to sporting and exercise within a week. Anyone who has undergone a surgical procedure knows how rare this type of downtime is.

Local anesthesia is used in a SmartLipo procedure, which removes the well documented risks associated with general anesthesia. This method also allows the patient to remain awake and aware throughout the procedure.

Patients who choose to go with LaserLipo can be assured of getting smooth, natural looking results. If you’ve ever seen pictures of liposuction “gone wrong”, you know that such procedures can wind up looking lumpy and unnatural in some cases. With SmartLipo, this will never be the case.

Finally, patients can be assured that they will receive the utmost in expert care. Dr. Malan has more experience performing LaserLipo than any other physicians in the country. With these types of credentials, patients can rest easy knowing they will be in competent, caring hands for the duration of their procedure.


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