Laser Liposuction with Dr. Todd Malan

Laser Liposuction is an effective alternative to traditional liposuction. It uses the function of thermal lipolysis to break triglycerides down into fatty acids and rid the body of unnecessary lumps and fat. This is a safe technique on the cutting edge of body sculpting technology that reduces the down time for patients, helping them get back to the things they enjoy faster than other methods. Certain areas of the body are impossible to slim down even after strenuous work-out routines and strict diets because natural body shape is something that can’t be changed. SmartLipo™ can smooth out these areas quickly and safely as well as allowing for a fast recovery.

Some people prefer this method because of how it deals with excess skin after surgery. Laser liposuction helps to stimulate the body’s collagen production in affected areas so that the body naturally get its elasticity and youthful appearance back. This is usually corrected in extreme cases after traditional methods of liposuction are employed.

Dr. Todd Malan incorporates SmartLipo™ into his liposuction work, giving him good rapport with his patients. This is a generally outpatient procedure so there is rarely a need to move into a sterile, terrifying hospital to look good. After one day of recommended down time, a patient can resume working, and having a normal life again as opposed to sitting in bed for weeks in pain. Little bruising and scarring is left in the local area when using SmartLipo™ methods which is why Dr. Malan is the choice cosmetic physician for patients all over the country looking to have fantastic results without the pain and worry of traditional liposuction.

With SmartLipo™ only local anesthesia is necessary to undergo the procedure. This cuts risk down greatly and gives patients and their loved ones piece of mind. The entire process affords time to the patient and less worry about needing family to become full-time caretakers after a procedure.

Dr. Todd Malan has championed SmartLipo™ in his cosmetic surgical center because it is the most advanced method of liposuction available as well as the safest. Patients from hundreds of miles away search out this procedure and Dr. Malan as he has the experience and results to ensure that every procedure has the best outcome possible and gives patients the body they’ve always wanted.


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