Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

Cutting edge liposuction technology and a revolutionary new method of harvesting adult stem cells from an individual’s own fat work together to give today’s woman natural looking and feeling breast augmentation. This new technique is a wish fulfilled for women throughout the ages; taking excess fat from elsewhere on their body and using it to enhance their breasts.

Stem cell breast augmentation is a virtually painless procedure and the healing process only a matter of one or two days instead of the weeks of painful recovery most women experience after receiving silicone implants. Since down time or time off from work is minimal this procedure is perfect for the busy woman.

Since stem cell augmented breasts contains only natural fat from the patients own body the procedure does not interfere with important tests such as mammograms. The now obsolete silicone implants, in addition to their inherent risks, block the camera’s view of as much as one half of the breast when subjected to a mammogram.

After regenerative adult stem cells are separated from fat cells they are put through a special process which washes and concentrates them. They are then recombined with fat cells and ready for use. Unlike silicone implants, which the body correctly perceives as foreign matter and sometimes rejects, the possibility of rejection is nil with stem cell breast augmentation.

The stem cell infused fat helps the patient’s body nourish the transferred fat by growing new blood vessels. Healing is hastened by the release of natural anti-inflammatory substances and breast skin tissue is strengthened and tightened naturally.

Unlike the now outdated silicone breast implants which required replacement every few years, the augmentation achieved with stem cells is permanent. The procedure is designed to restore the natural breast shape and feel that has been lost due to aging or motherhood, or to implement a natural 1 or 2 cup size increase. It is not designed for massive Hollywood-style breast size increases.

A woman need not have visible excess fat to benefit from using her own fat for stem cell breast augmentation. A skilled physician can extract a sufficient amount from even a slender woman leaving no trace of the liposuction procedure.

A note of interest: this stem cell procedure uses only adult stem cells from the patients own body, not the controversial embryonic stem cells.


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