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Innovative Cosmetic Surgery Center can help you achieve your personal cosmetic goals with natural-looking results using the latest techniques and treatments in fat removal, transfer and volume restoration.*

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Dr. Malan is the first cosmetic doctor in Arizona to perform vaginal rejuvenation. The procedure is designed to improve vaginal laxity and restore muscle tone...

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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation provides natural-looking, comfortable results without the risks and side effects associated with implants.*

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Fat Transfer Butt Lift

Dr. Todd Malan offers the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure in his Scottsdale, AZ medical practice for patients seeking to lift, shape and restore volume to the buttocks for a more youthful appearance.

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Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer

Facial aging is characterized by sagging skin and wrinkles. A major cause is the loss of fat volume in the area of the cheeks, eyelids, brows, and jawline.

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SmartLipo™ / Laser Lipo

Sometimes diet and exercise are not enough. Trouble areas, like your abdomen, thighs, arms, and neck sometimes hold on to stubborn fat and make it nearly impossible to lose on your own.

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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can have an emotional impact on men, affecting both self-confidence and personal relationships. For many years, treatment for ED was palliative in nature and relied on the use of medication in a timely manner.

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Fat Transfer Penis Enlargement

For men who feel inadequate because of the size of their penis, there are several procedures available to increase girth and length. Fat transfer is a promising, minimally invasive procedure that transfers purified fat from the patient’s body to the penile shaft

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Body Jet Lipo

The Body-Jet/AquaShape uses the most advanced technology: water-assisted liposuction. Using a gentle fluid spray, fat is washed away, leaving behind a smooth and sculpted shape.

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Lipedema WAL Treatment

Since 2007, Scottsdale cosmetic physician Dr. Todd Malan has been an advocate of treating Lipedema with the water assisted liposuction device.

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Laser Labiaplasty

Laser Labiaplasty or Designer Vagina procedures are specific aesthetic surgical procedures to enhance the appearance or feel of the outer parts of the vagina.

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Abdominal liposuction

For many men, stubborn fat around the middle often seems resistant to both regular exercise and a healthy diet. Scottsdale, AZ cosmetic surgeon Dr. Todd Malan offers...

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Liposuction of the chest

Dr. Todd Malan offers confidential, patient-focused care for male patients seeking to achieve a more athletic profile through advanced body sculpting treatments. Dr. Malan offers several types of liposuction which can be used alone or in combination to effectively reduce male breasts and sculpt the chest into a more defined, masculine physique.

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Meet Dr. Todd Malan

Dr. Todd Malan

Dr. Todd Malan

Dr. Malan is a nationally recognized pioneer in advanced body sculpting and cosmetic surgical procedures for both men and women.

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Our Staff

The staff of the Innovative Cosmetic Surgery Center is dedicated to helping you achieve your personal cosmetic goals through personalized care.

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Dr Malan and his staff made me feel so comfortable from day 1 of my consultation to my last day of post-op pics. I am so excited to show off my new body now! Dr Malan is a body sculpting...
- Lizz

The staff was super wonderful throughout the whole process. They make you feel like part of the family. They are the kindest, most compassionate people I've ever dealt with in the medicine field. I will definitely come again! P.S. My...
- Laurie

The staff at this office are so nice they treat you like a queen.*
- Sonia

Dr. Malan thank you for the fantastic job you did on my body. I love it! I was very nervous about having liposuction but you and your staff made me feel comfortable and confident. Everyone was so nice every time...
- R.M.

I work out on a regular basis and no matter how much I train I could not get rid of my love handles. I heard about Smartlipo on the news and decided to schedule a consultation. From the moment I...
- K.B.

I am now in my third week post-op and I wanted to thank you all for making my "mommy makeover" experience a wonderful one. Prior to choosing Innovative Cosmetic Surgery for my procedure, I researched online and consulted with a...
- Cheryl

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